Stakksberg production


Stakksberg’s plant in Helguvik will use a 32 mW electric arc furnace, which produces metallurgical grade silicon by melting quartz at 1900°C. Within the operating permit, environmental impact assessment and the zoning plan there is option for further expansion.

99% Silicon

Stakksberg produces silicon (Si) of 99% purity.

Some 12,000 different silicon products are manufactured and sold throughout the world. The main by-products of silicon production are silica fume (SiO2) and dross, which can be used in other products such as cement, ferrosilicon (SiFe) and silicomanganese (SiMn).

Silicon is sold to manufacturers who further refine it so that it can be used, on the one hand, for computer components and, on the other hand, for photovoltaic or solar cells, producing electricity from the sun’s radiation. The technology in solar cell manufacturing has made rapid progress in recent years, increasing both their efficiency and their production. Due the increased demand for silicon for solar energy production, from an environmental perspective, it makes good sense to manufacture silicon in Iceland using renewable energy sources.